PSP2 concept by 0ffl1n3 (c) 2009

PSP2 concept by 0ffl1n3 (c) 2009

If you want a simple way to create .m3u playlists that will be compatible with the PSP and Sony Ericsson Phones you can create them with a DOS command as follows:

using the CD command, change into the directory containing the music files you want to add to a playlist, eg:


once in the directory type the following command:


This will create a file in the directory called “NO LINE ON THE HORIZON.m3u” which will contain a list of all the tracks in this instance in alphabetical order which is useful if the files have track numbers, eg. 01, 02, 03…etc.

The /O:N option sorts the files by name and is optional.

The /B option uses the bare format, ie. no date, file size etc.

At the time of writing this, the PSP only handles a directory depth of one and only handles one .m3u file per folder, and won’t find one in the root directory.

Sony Ericsson phones such as the W850i will allow multiple folder depths and I have not tested dynamic .m3u files outside of the folders containing the music. The folder location is the same as PSP, ie. X:/MUSIC/

You can also use programs such as VideoLAN’s VLC player to export custom .m3uplaylists.