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This is a really quick how to:

Using VLC on linux I found a really fast way to remux (mux) a DVD VOBĀ (MPEG2 PS) to an MPEG2 TS (.ts) container for the PS3.

This method simply allows the PS3 to playback the different audio tracks. So for example if your DVD has multiple languages and you want to keep them for playback on the PS3 this is a good method since it doesn’t re-encode or transcode any of the data. All video and audio streams are kept exactly the same as the original. No quality loss.

I am using linux for this but I assume it will work with VLC for any OS:

cvlc input-file.vob :soutĀ file/ts:output-file.ts :sout-all

notes: cvlc is vlc without video display. replace ‘input-file.vob’ with your input file, any file that is mpeg2 PS, eg. .mpeg, .mpg, .vob. replace ‘output-file.ts’ with your choice. The PS3 also recognises .ts, .mts and .m2ts filenames.

As for subtitles these are also muxed into the TS file. However the PS3 does NOT currently recognise subtitles in TS streams. This is something I will experiment with but I don’t think it supported now. Would be nice. If anyone knows how to do this leave a comment. Thanks.